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‘Görgü tanıkları Ankara’da “Barış Mitingi” öncesinde yapılan bombalı saldırının ardından polisin yaralılara müdahale etmek isteyen kalabalığa gaz bombası attığını ve havaya ateş açtığını söyledi. Tren Garı önündeki saldırıda 86 kişi hayatını kaybetti. Sinan Onuş’un haberi. (10 Ekim 2015)’.

‘Ankara Sıhhiye Meydanı’nda bugün ‘Savaşa İnat, Barış Hemen Şimdi, Barış Emek Demokrasi’ konulu yürüyüş öncesinde düzenlenen bombalı saldırıyla ilgili çok çarpıcı bir detay ortaya çıktı . . . Dün gece Twitter’da Pir Ozan Abdal (@AnotolyTodorov) isimli hesaptan yapılan paylaşımda “En korkunç ihtimal de, Suruç v2 olabilir. Olası bi bombalı eylem en büyük katliamlardan birine yol açabilir, bu gayet ihtimal dahilinde. Mitingin yasal olması katliamın siyasi çılara dönüşmesine vesile olur, bu durum bile böyle bi saldırının ihtimalini arttırıyor” ifadelerine yer verildi’.[1]

‘Halk TeVe’ye konuşan gazeteci Mehmet Faraç, ‘nasıl oluyor da gece yarısı atılan böyle bir mesaja rağmen devletin güvenlik birimleri bu katliamı durduramıyor’ diye sordu.Mehmet Faraç televizyondaki konuşmasında, ‘olay o kadar planlı ki, daha çok ölü olsun diye ilk patlamada insanların hangi yöne kaçacaklarını hesaplayarak ikinci bombayı o tarafta patlatmışlar’ dedi.@DrBereday adlı kullanıcı şu paylaşımları yapmıştı’.[2]


[1] “Ankara’daki Patlama Dün Gece Twitter’dan Duyurulmuş” ege haber (10 Ekim 2015). http://www.egehaber.com/gundem/ankara-daki-patlama-dun-gece-twitter-dan-duyurulmus-h63602.html.

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‘Meet the new head of the United Nations panel on Human Rights: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Abby Martin takes us inside the brutal reality of this police-state monarchy, and tells the untold people’s history of resistance to it. With a major, catastrophic war in Yemen and looming high-profile executions of activists, The Empire Files exposes true nature of the U.S.-Saudi love affair. Published on Oct 3, 2015′.

‘Bill Maher told his Real Time with Bill Maher audience recently that the homemade clock that got 14- year old Ahmed Mohamed handcuffed and arrested from his school actually “looked like a bomb” and because called for us to “have some perspective,” asserting that “for the last 30 years it has been one culture that has been blowing shit up” so Muslims should just get used to the rest of us “taking extra precautions.” Maher is turning into a version everyone’s least favorite Uncle. You know the one: The aging baby boomer ‘bro’ who begins every conversation with “not that I’m racist but …. Can’t we just round up all the Muslims and put them in a camp somewhere?” Truly: Bill Maher’s America is scary place; one that has zero capacity to take responsibility for its own actions let alone for self reflection, or humility, no: Bill Maher is transforming before our eyes into a nationalistic wing nut occupying the faux left wing of our myopic national discourse, waving the flag of American Exceptionalism while upping the ante on his already established Islamophobia. Published on Sep 24, 2015′.

The WHCA’s annual dinner, begun in 1920, has become a Washington, D.C. tradition and is usually attended by the President and Vice President. Fifteen presidents have attended at least one WHCA dinner, beginning with Calvin Coolidge in 1924. The dinner is traditionally held on the evening of the last Saturday in April at the Washington Hilton. And now nearly a decade ago, then-fresh television sensation Stephen Colbert was invited to talk at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as the featured entertainer  . . . and give Bush, Jr. his due.

The then-senior editor for The New Republic Noam Scheiber subsequently wrote the following in 2006: “I’m a big Stephen Colbert fan, a huge Bush detractor, and I think the White House press corps has been out to lunch for much of the last five years”.[1]

[1] Jacques Steinberg, “After Press Dinner, the Blogosphere Is Alive With the Sound of Colbert Chatter” The New York Times (3 May 2006). http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/03/arts/03colb.html?_r=0.

‘Noam Chomsky weighed in on U.S. presidential politics in a speech Saturday at The New School in New York. In addressing a question about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Chomsky assessed the political landscape: “Today’s Democrats are what used to be called moderate Republicans. The Republicans have just drifted off the spectrum. They’re so committed to extreme wealth and power that they cannot get votes … So what has happened is that they’ve mobilized sectors of the population that have been around for a long time. … Trump may be comic relief, but it’s not that different from the mainstream, which I think is more important.” Published on Sep 22, 2015’.

‘The Empire holds by far the most prisoners than any other country on earth, in both absolute numbers and per capita. Abby Martin explores the dark reality of America’s prisons: their conditions, who is warehoused in them, and the roots of mass incarceration. Featuring interviews with Eddie Conway, former political prisoner unjustly incarcerated for 44 years, and Eugene Puryear, author of Shackled and Chained, Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America. Published on Sep 19, 2015′.

‘In late August, VICE News reporters Jake Hanrahan, Philip Pendelbury and Mohammed Rasool, were arrested outside their hotel in Diyarbakir, Turkey and charged with supporting a terrorist organization. Prior to their arrest, the trio had been reporting on the conflict between Turkish forces and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). After 11 days in detention, Jake and Phil were released. Mohammed Rasool, however, remains wrongfully imprisoned, and the investigation into all three reporters is “ongoing.” VICE News maintains that the charges against Jake, Phil, and Mohammed are baseless and absurd. We call on the Turkish authorities to continue their positive course of action in freeing Jake and Philip, and release Rasool immediately. Published on Sep 21, 2015′.

The pro-AKP newspaper Daily Sabah reported that the “[t]wo British Vice News journalists who were arrested in Turkey on charges of having links to ISIS, have been released on Thursday [. 3 September 2015], while an Iraqi guide and translator is still under arrest. British journalists Jake Hanrahan and Philip John Pendlebury, along with their translator Mohammed Ismael Rasool, were detained on August 27 and arrested on September 1 in Turkey’s southeastern province of Diyarbakır. The Diyarbakır Second Criminal Court’s earlier decision to arrest the journalists reflected police’s concerns about multiple contradictions in the defendants’ testimonies and the discovery of a military-grade encryption system on one of the suspect’s personal computer, whose contents he refused to decrypt for official review. According to cyber security experts, the encryption system is commonly used by ISIS members, the sources had said”.[1]

The news agency AFP then reported that Hanrahan and Pendlebury’s “return to Britain coincided with the arrest of a Dutch journalist based in southeastern Turkey who covers chiefly Kurdish issues. Frederike Geerdink wrote on Twitter Sunday [6 September] that she had been arrested in the Yuksekova district of Hakkari province while reporting on the pro-Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP). Geerdink, who was arrested earlier this year on charges of spreading ‘terrorist propaganda’ but later acquitted of the charges, said she was with a group of ‘human shields’ at the time, and that the entire group had been taken into custody. Her case and that of the Vice News reporters have amplified concerns over press freedoms in Turkey, where the government is waging a relentless campaign against Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants. Vice News had condemned the charges against its journalists as ‘baseless’ and ‘alarmingly false’, and leading rights groups had called for their immediate release”.[2]

[1] “Two British Vice News journalists arrested in Turkey have been released ” Daily Sabah (03 September 2015). http://www.dailysabah.com/investigations/2015/09/03/two-british-vice-news-journalists-arrested-in-turkey-have-been-released.

[2] “Vice News reporters held in Turkey return to Britain” AFP (06 September 2015). http://news.yahoo.com/vice-news-reporters-held-turkey-return-britain-132317328.html.


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