— The Erimtan Angle —

On Assignment, the Voice of America‘s new 30-minute weekly TV magazine show, introduces the correspondents and producers who bring you the news. In our first program, reporter Sharon Behn and videographer Ilyas Khan, take viewers to Baghdad where they reported on the withdrawal of U.S. troops after a decade of war, and the dangers faced by veteran correspondents. This week’s On Assignment also features Khin Soe Win, the first VOA reporter to return to her native Burma since 1995, and Carolyn Presutti who describes her recent trip to Haiti to report on the painful recovery from a devastating earthquake two years ago (7 March 2012).

In this weeks On Assignment episode – Our first stop: Lebanon, where we learn how VOA got inside a secret clinic treating Syrians. You’ll hear from our correspondent on the U.S. campaign trail, as Republican candidates fight to take on President Obama. We’ll talk to our Russian colleagues about their hot new show shaking things up in cyberspace…And finally, watch how VOA is using music and discourse to rock the airwaves in Africa. These are the stories behind the stories. So stay with us, as we go On Assignment (9 March 2012).



Comments on: "On Assignment EP1 & 2" (1)

  1. sitanbul said:

    It seems that following Secretary of State Clinton’s avowal that Al Jazeera is the real news, VOA is now trying to copy its Middle Eastern competitor . . .

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