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The situation in Syria is heating up and has recently reached unimaginable temperatures, as related by VOA: ‘The Houla massacre [on Friday, 25 May] marked the deadliest single attack since Syria’s anti-government uprising began about 15 months ago. Arab and western governments have issued statements expressing outrage and hinting that President Bashar al-Assad’s government is to blame. The latest violence has further raised questions about the effectiveness of an April cease-fire agreement between anti-government rebels and the Syrian government. The rebel Free Syrian Army warned that it will not adhere to the U.N.-mediated peace plan if the international community does not take concrete actions to protect citizens’.[1]  Secretary of State Clinton has condemned the Assad regime in the strongest terms. She called the massacre “appalling”, adding that President Bashar al-Assad’s “rule by murder and fear must come to an end”.[2]

In contrast, however, as reported by VOA, the “Syrian government has denied its troops massacred at least 92 people, about one-third of them children, Friday in the town of Houla. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Jihad Makdissi called accusations against the Syrian government a ‘tsunami of lies’. Instead, he blamed heavily armed ‘terrorists’ who he claimed attacked soldiers”.[3]

The blogger and journalist using the pseudonym Jerry Dandridge, apparently in reference to the horror movie Fright Night, opines that accounts relating to how the victims were killed differ considerably, and that whether “innocent victims were shot or stabbed [is not really important], but by whom is the important question. That the external Syrian opposition, e.g. based in Istanbul, the terrorist “Free Syrian Army” (FSA) and the West immediately know whom to condemn for this massacre, is no surprise and was to be expected. Also the representation of the Syrian government in the capital Damascus was to be expected, but what has really happened in al-Houleh (al-Houlah / Houla), Syria?  Considering the approaches of the so-called Syrian opposition and the Western media in recent months, it was no question that these sides will blame the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad for all violence within Syria. Also this time, there was no search for any evidence; the reports with immediate blame-assignments were published quickly, without including any facts. Again, no fact checking or the questioning of information was done before the articles were published. Some hours later, the articles changed and so-called “pro-Assad thugs” were then blamed for being responsible for these massacres”.[4]  In the past, I have indicated that there appear to be indications that the U.S. and Turkey have been arming and training the Syrian opposition since April 2011 on the U.S. Air Force Base of İncirlik in on Turkish soil. In addition, it seems that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been arming Jihadi elements to foment violence in Syria, an ally of their nemesis Iran. And now, it would appear that the Great Powers were planning to use this massacre in a way similar to its reaction to Colonel Gadhafi’s threats against the-then opposition strongholds in Libya – as a pretet for the imposition of a No Fly Zone, which in turn became the starting shot for aiding the so-called “rebellion” against the Gadhafi regime. Alas, as remarked by the Royal United Services Institute Associate Fellow Joshi Shashank on the BBC’s website: “So far, there is no sign that Houla will be a game-changer. First, remember that this massacre will be interpreted differently around the world. Many countries sympathise with the Assad’s government narrative that the opposition are Arab-backed Sunni fundamentalists and terrorists”.[5]  Complicating matters even more is the fact that now the name Al Qaeda has also popped in the Syrian theatre. The propaganda surrounding this elusive “catch-all ghost entity” (to use Pepe Escobar’s phrase) has succeeded in making the global opinion immediately weary of any hint of their presence. Hence, the fact that the West cannot now launch a new No Fly Zone of liberation into Syria straight away . . .

‘The “Syrian Forces” have committed a barbarian crime in the night till the morning. They were killing, cutting and massacring the people. This was seen by the Syrians on 26 may 2012 when they turned the TV on. Pictures of dead childrens were seen on TV. Till the first hours in the morning TV Channels were saying, that who have committed this crime were the Syrian Army and the Shabiha (so called regime thugs). And in the morning the Syrian Television said, that armed terrorist groups burned Houses in al-Shoumariyeh village in the countryside ofHomsprovince and committed a massacre against two families including children. So the Syrian Viewer has two stories, to watch foreign media like Al -Jazeera or the Syrian TV Channels. After that, they begin to discuss about that issue. This was a call to Al-Arabiya Channel at1:00 am. One of the Leaders from the Opposition called and said, that “regime forces” shelled at Houla inHoms. Syrian Opposition member “They are firing shells since 12 hours at us and until this moment…They are falling like the rain. 88 people had been killed till now”. He also said that the “regime forces” fired shells at Houla at the same time when the Shabiha entered the villages, raiding homes and shooting at civilians. And the weapons that were used by the “regime forces” and the “Shabiha” were KNIVES. So he wanted to tell us that the families had been killed by knives not with anything else. Syrian Opposition member “And during the shells the Shabiha came in and began to kill whole families. Every moment we are finding new dead families, that were killed by knives.” And on Al-Jazeera Channel there was also a call in the night from “Abou Bilal al-Homsi”. Abou Bilal’s story was about the same massacre. After a demonstration they attacked us with mortars. Abou Bilal, “The regime forces attacked us to dissolve the demonstration. They shelled us with their Tanks. They also attacked us with mortars”. And of course, Abou Bilal, “The protesters didn’t wanted to go home, the wanted to stay at the same place to complete their demonstration. So the government forces continued to attack us. We have more than 100 people dead here till now.” And here, the questions begin. The Massacre that was talked about, on Al Arabiya was different than it was talked about it by Al-Jazeera. but this is not the main problem. First, The Al-Jazeera caller said, that the regime forces shelled Houla for 12 Hours which led to a lot of corpses. And the corpses should belong to the whole families. The question here is, it was a free day, the people were at home or somewhere else. Why do we see just a lot of corpses belonging to Childrens as the regime forces were attacking a Kindergarten. Terrorist 1, “They are all Children” These are pictures, that were seen on youtube and it was published on Al Jazeera channel and al Arabiya TV. It showed that the corpses are belonging just to kids, that were put in 1 place. This pictures were the most credible for these TV channels. And on Al-Arabiya they said, that the Demonstration was attacked by shells. So could it be, that the demonstration was just shared by kids, the most under 10 Years?! Another Question, they said the Army shelled the Houses and the demonstration, so were is the dust on their bodies?! Another Question, Where are the families of these kids?! If there parents died with them under the shelling, where are the corpses of their parents?! The last point, there was also another massacre happend inal-ShoumariyehVillagein Homs Countryside. Armed terrorist groups burned a number of houses in al-Shoumariyeh village in the countryside ofHomsprovince and committed a massacre against two families. And here are the pictures, you can see Children, Woman and whole families killed by Terrorists. And some of them were killed while they were sleeping. This pictures wasn’t showm by Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya after 1 hour. No of course not, they had to repeat the issue several times, that the Syrian Army is killing little kids’.

(26 May 2012)

[1] “Syrian Officials Deny Responsibililty for Houla Massacre” VOA News (27 May 2012). http://blogs.voanews.com/breaking-news/2012/05/27/syrian-officials-deny-responsibililty-for-houla-massacre-2/.

[2] “Syria massacre in Houla condemned as outrage grows” BBC News (27 May 2012). http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-18224559.

[3] “Syrian Officials Deny Responsibililty for Houla Massacre”.

[4] Jerry Dandridge, “Syria: Massacre in Houla – Who benefits from this massacre?” Syria News (27 May 2012). http://www.syrianews.cc/syria-massacre-houla-qaeda-bloodshed-685.html.

[5] Joshi Shashank, “Analysis” BBC News (27 May 2012). http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-18224559.


Comments on: "The Houla Massacre: False-Flag Atrocity???" (4)

  1. My hope is for the rebels to put down their weapons, there are to many children around to be at war.

    • sitanbul said:

      I am sure you aware that that is a very unlikely scenario . . . If we look back at the “assisted rebellion” in Libya, it seems that the outcome in Syria is pre-determined. Perhaps you would care to have a look at these: “Libya: Assisted Rebellion or Humanitarian Intervention???”, https://sitanbul.wordpress.com/2011/04/07/libya-assisted-rebellion-or-humanitarian-intervention/ and “Libya: Assisted Rebellion or a Just War?”, https://sitanbul.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/libya-assisted-rebellion-or-a-just-war/.

      • Libya government was easier to take out, and the rebels even before they were assisted had already taken had half of Libya. For anything successful had to have had a possibility it could be beforehand, . Syria situation has only a massive loss of life outcome. Syrian rebels need far more than just assistance, what need they need is enough if not more experienced armies and nuclear weapons to beat Russia, China, and Iran and a war. The U.S should should have already interceded and forced the rebels to cease. UN needs to run a new election, where assad’s opponent is a candidate picked by the people. But the problem being, the worlds leaders with the most power are and for the most part have always been the worlds biggest cons, and that my friend is why people like me who could not con a fish into water are not leaders – We would run the world looking like geniuses in comparison,..

        • sitanbul said:

          Well . . . as I indicate in my piece, there are indications that the Libyan armed resistance was foreign-sponsored from the start, just as seems to be the case with Syria. I am bit perplexed, though, by your statement regarding a war with China, Russia and Iran.

          The New Cold War is already underway, even though it is not in the public eye as yet. Do have a look at this one: “The New Cold War: Missile Shield Competition” (15 Oct 2011), http://ircnl.com/index.php?rub=4&idPage=54

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