— The Erimtan Angle —

‘President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday said the sensitive circumstances which our country is passing through necessitate us to be more courageous, strong and more responsible. “We pay tribute and honor the souls of innocent civilian and military martyrs,” President al-Assad addressed the people’s Assembly on the occasion of its 1st legislative term, saying that the martyrs blood will not be wasted. President al-Assad said “Performing your legislative and supervising duties can’t be done in best way unless possessing a clear developmental vision based on constructive dialogue and communication with the citizens,” The President added that concentrating on the supervising role of the Assembly should not ignore its partnership role with the executive authority.  President al-Assad said: “We confront a big part of the campaign againstSyria by reforms and building a strong fortress in the face of regional and international ambitions.” He added: “It is our duty towards our people who proved their ability and succeeded to overcome very difficult national tests to upgrade our performance to the level of its awareness and steadfastness.” The President stressed that conducting the People’s Assembly elections as scheduled slapped those who want thatSyria closes in on itself and drowns in the blood of its people. President al-Assad said “A year and a half after the crisis began, things became clear and the masks were removed… the international role in what is taking place was exposed since decades …colonialism remains unchanged but its methods and faces are changing and the regional role exposed itself.” He added that “after all the pure blood that were shed, we need a lot of reason and to learn from the people who were able to decode the conspiracy from the beginning.” President al-Assad said: “We are moving forward with the political process, yet terrorism is escalating.” “Not distinguishing between political process and terrorism is a great mistake that grant terrorism a legitimacy. Separation between terrorism and political process is essential to reach a solution to the crisis,” the President added. He went on to say: “We are facing a real war and dealing with war is different from dealing with internal issues. When we boycott election, we boycott the people. Any political process that is not based on popular state has no popular value.” President al-Assad said ” Since the first day we have known that the political track will not lead to a solution but we did it because the Syrian people need it regardless of the crisis. He added:”Syria is open to whoever wants a genuine reform and an honest dialogue; we welcome the participation of any honest Syrian in the process of developing the country.” The President stressed that the national security is a red line and we can’t be tolerant with whoever tries to tamper with it. President al-Assad said “Chaos brings but chaos and the society can be built only on high moral standards.” The President added: ” The issue is not reform or democracy but underminingSyria’s resistant role, its support to the resistance and its adherence to its rights.” “There is no justification for terrorism under any pretext and no tolerance for it or those who support it unless they give up. Difference in viewpoints means richness but differences about the homeland means destruction,” President al-Assad said. He added: ” I am not talking about an agent inside or a conspirer outside, rather I admonish the Syrian who loved his country but he didn’t know how to defend it and unintendedly contribute to undermining it.” “We should differentiate between the political haziness and the national one as the national haziness is unacceptable. When the issue is national, I’m certainly with my country,” the President said. He added that no institution could have been able to make sacrifices as the armed forces have done without the existence of faith that directs its members to the right track. “Mistakes committed by some individuals from time to time have been exploited and exaggerated to appear as an approach adopted by the state and its institutions in general,” he said. President al-Assad added: “Our armed forces have built the homeland and have always preserved its independence. No one is allowed to undermine a symbol that represents our unity and dignity. “The crisis is not internal, rather it is a foreign war with internal tools and everybody is responsible for defending the homeland.” President al-Assad: “If we united today, I confirm that the end of this situation will be soon regardless of the foreign conspiracy. We will not allow those who have nothing to do with history to write something that hasn’t been written before by the history which is that the Syrians destroyed their homeland by themselves”’.[1]

[1] “President al-Assad: Circumstances which Syria Is Passing through Require More Courage, Strength and Responsibility” SANA (03 June 2012). http://www.sana.sy/eng/21/2012/06/03/423127.htm.


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