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The recent attack on a civilian home in the Turkish border town of Akçakale still seems to confuse people, while others, such as the CNN opinionmakers, appear adamant that Turkey is now ready to send its troops into the fray, to escalate the violence and turn the whole conflict into a regional war possibly leading to a worldwide conflict . . . But, questions remain and one has to wonder about the reasoning behind the attack. It seems highly unlikely the Syrian Army would be willing to provide Turkey with a legitimate pretext to send its troops into a neighbouring country. On the other hand, the FSA or supposed Free Syrian Army, arguably funded and equipped by the U.S. and Turkey, would have every reason to wish for direct Turkish involvement. So, what will it be????  Did Assad’s troops really commit such a big blunder or was it a calculated move by Syria ‘freedom fighters’ to get Turkey officially engaged in the conflict???

The partisan website Syria News reports: ‘One of the German state television channels, the ZDF, has broadcasted two interesting reports [on Thursday, 4 Oct]. In both reports it is said that the so-called Syrian rebels have taken responsibility for yesterday`s provocations for which the Syrian Arab Army and thus, the Syrian government was immediately blamed for by the Turkish government, Western governments, last but not least, by Western media, of course . . . . “Rockets and Mortar Fire – Turkey exacts vengeance for an attack from the Syrian side which took place yesterday afternoon. For weeks, Ankara has warned for any provocation in direction to Turkey. Until late at night, the fighting has taken place. Meanwhile, Syrian rebels have taken responsibility for this provocation” . . . In addition, there was another report by the German State television channel ZDF [on Thursday]. In the regular program called “Heute in Europa”, the ZDF has reported about the border violations of Syria and Turkey and also about the attack of a Turkish border town and the “answer” by the Turkish military. In this video report of the German State TV channel ZDF it says following (wording): “Yesterday night, Turkey took revenge for attacks from REBELS in Syria that have previously attacked a Turkish border village” As one can read, the German media station ZDF has reported that Syrian rebels (we call them terrorists by the way) have previously attacked a Turkish border town before the Turkish government took revenge and shot back. This official news report by ZDF was broadcasted today at 16:00 o`clock in the regularly news show “Heute in Europa” (“Today in Europe”)’.[1].

The German channel’s report is quite short, and the fact that the commentary refers to the “rebels” rather than the “government” is really neither here nor there . . . it is merely an example of the German media trying to distance themselves from accepting unquestioningly the narrative being pushed by the U.S. media.[2]

[1] “German`s State TV ZDF: Syrian Rebels Take Responsibility for Provocation” Syria News (04 Oct 2012). http://www.syrianews.cc/syria-turkey-syrian-rebels-responsibility-attack-turkish-village/.


Comments on: "The Akçakale Attack: Honest Mistake, Provocation, or Casus Belli???" (2)

  1. http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/beitrag/video/1745802/heute-in-europa-vom-04102012 The broadcasted video also showed the border area between Turkey and Syria, but one is only able to see Turkish flags and the so-called flags of the Syrian rebels, which is in truth the French mandate flag. There are no Syrian flags visible, so it seems there is no Syrian army around.

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