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‘The Turkish government has been a key player in the foreign-backed countries’ scenario against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad not only by handing over all its borders to the so called Free Syrian army but also by contributing to the funding, providing of weapons and security to the insurgent groups inside Turkey borders. The Turkish government has never admitted to having weapons in the camp rather they say the camps are being used for humanitarian reasons, that may be true for a portion of the 120,000 some civilians caught in the cross fire, between Syrian government forces and rebel insurgents, but a large portion of the people living in the camp aren’t even Syrian nationals (13 Nov 2012)’.

Çoşkun Sönmez is a member of the opposition CHP,[1] resident of Antakya in the Hatay region of Turkey . . .

While the Occupy Syria group posted another picture of the actions of the Syrian opposition: “FSA… War crimes at their BEST!”.[2]

[1] Cfr. “Coşkun Sönmez” facebook https://www.facebook.com/coskun.sonmez.


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  1. cielly machadohta said:

    i agree.

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