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While the world is watching the war in Syria and the supposed imminent deployment of chemical agents or the civil unrest in Egypt, the United States went ahead and performed another nuclear test in the desert: on ‘Friday [, 7 December] it was announced that the Nevada National Security Site had successfully detonated plutonium in a deep shaft Wednesday [, 5 December] to test the safety and effectiveness of US nuclear weapons, National Nuclear Security Administration officials said. The Pollux subcritical experiment was carried out by scientists at the Los Alamos, New Mexico national laboratory and the Sandia National Laboratories and involved a tiny sample of plutonium bomb material. Subcritical nuclear experiments have been conducted in the US since 1997 in order to help scientists understand how plutonium ages in the stockpile. They use chemical explosives to blow up bits of nuclear materials designed to stop just short of erupting into a nuclear chain reaction, also known as a criticality. The latest test used new diagnostic equipment that enabled researchers to collect more data then ever before’.[1]

While the man on the street is as clueless as always, some governments do know: ‘Iran has strongly condemned the US for carrying out a nuclear test in Nevada this week, saying the move threatens world peace and shows a hypocritical set of double standards set by Washington when it comes to nuclear research. The Iranian Foreign Ministry said the Wednesday detonation proves that US foreign policy relies heavily on the use of nuclear weapons, disregarding UN calls for global disarmament, PressTV reports. The experiment also drew criticism from Japan, with Hiroshima Mayor Kazumi Matsui wondering why the Obama administration carried out the test, despite saying he would “seek a nuclear-free world”’.[2]

[1] “US nuclear test condemned by Iran, Japan” RT (08 Dec 2012). https://rt.com/news/us-nuclear-test-nevada-criticism-582/.

[2] “US nuclear test condemned by Iran, Japan”.


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  1. A very informative blog. You will find my unique perspective on this blog amusing. What this blog is really about is how altered News has become. When it was put on paper, it must have had some credibilty and somewhat unbiased. With media only milliseconds away due to technology and advancements they sell headlines, what they think the people will read. Your blog indicates if you dig a little there is more to the Bold headlines the general public reads on the internet. thanks for the research to give us a better perspective of a very dangerous world, Nuclear bombs are one of the 10 things Science has predicted could destroy planet Earth, (popular science mag sept 2012)

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