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The ever-inquisitive Russian state-sponsored broadcaster RT reported a story about Bob the other day: a ‘programmer at a US company outsourced his job to a Chinese contractor for a fraction of his six-figure salary. After handing over his login information, he spent his days on Facebook and perused cat videos while the Chinese firm worked in his name’.

Andrew Valentine of Verizon has come out to say that “Evidence even suggested [that codename Bob] had the same scam going across multiple companies in the area . . . he earned several hundred thousand dollars a year, and only had to pay the Chinese consulting firm about $50,000 annually”.[1]  Is Bob an all-American hero, getting paid for doing nothing much at all while having some Chinese workers slave away???  Is he simply a slacker who struck gold by means of doing on a small-scale what giant corporations have been doing for many, many years on gigantic scale??? Or is Bob the personification of Neo-Colonialist Capitalism, oftentimes referred to as Globalisation???

[1] “US programmer outsourced own job to China, spent workdays on Reddit and Facebook” RT (17 January 2013). http://rt.com/usa/news/us-employee-outsourcing-china-177/.


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