— The Erimtan Angle —

In the Washington Post, one can read: “His confirmation to be secretary of state virtually assured, Sen. John F. Kerry sketched a pragmatist’s view of the world Thursday, telling his Senate colleagues that the war in Syria may grind on indefinitely and that Iran may rebuff peaceful efforts to scale back its nuclear program. Kerry’s nearly four-hour confirmation hearing covered his views on topics new and old, including the Middle East, China’s appetite for African energy and resources, North Korean gulags and his beloved Boston Red Sox. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is expected to vote as soon as next week to confirm Kerry (D-Mass.). The full Senate could take up his bid quickly. Senate insiders said Kerry could take over for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton in early February”.[1]

[1] Anne Gearan, “Kerry sails through Senate confirmation hearing on secretary of state bid” The Washington Post (24 Jan 2013). http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/senate-opens-confirmation-hearing-on-john-kerry-as-secretary-of-state/2013/01/24/b9e0188c-6635-11e2-9e1b-07db1d2ccd5b_story.html.


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