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When Medea met Obama: Drones and Deaths

‘Obama’s ironclad way of battling terrorists sparked heated debate during his speech in Washington. At one point the president was stopped in his tracks by an angry audience member. RT’s Ivor Crotty outlined what made the woman break Obama’s script. (24 May 2013)’.

Going to Geneva: A Resolution for the War in Syria???

‘In Beijing the Chinese government gave its support to Iran’s participation in a proposed international conference aimed at ending the Syrian conflict. Speaking to reporters, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Iranian input was essential for a negotiated end to the conflict (21 May 2013)’.

CrossTalk: Syrian War Outcome

‘Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. What could the possible outcome regarding the Syrian Civil War be? Does the US really want Russia to be part of a negotiated settlement? Is the Syrian opposition becoming more dangerous to the US and its allies? CrossTalking with Ariel Cohen and Nabil Mikhail (15 May 2013)’.

Ciudad Blanca found in the Honduran Rainforest

Last year, NewsFixHouston reported that ‘University of Houston researchers may have discovered the lost city of Ciudad Blanca using advanced laser technology (15 June 2012)’.

Now, this year Stephanie Pappas reports that ‘[n]ew images of a possible lost city hidden by Honduran rain forests show what might be the building foundations and mounds of Ciudad Blanca, a never-confirmed legendary metropolis. Archaeologists and filmmakers Steven Elkins and Bill Benenson announced last year that they had discovered possible ruins in Honduras’ Mosquitia region using lidar, or light detection and ranging. Essentially, slow-flying planes send constant laser pulses groundward as they pass over the rain forest, imaging the topography below the thick forest canopy. What the archaeologists found — and what the new images reveal — are features that could be ancient ruins, including canals, roads, building foundations and terraced agricultural land. The University of Houston archaeologists who led the expedition will reveal their new images and discuss them [on 15 May 2013] at the American Geophysical Union Meeting of the Americas in Cancun’.[1]

[1] Stephanie Pappas, “Ciudad Blanca, Legendary Lost City, Possibly Found In Honduran Rain Forest” Huffington Post (15 May 2013). http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/15/ciudad-blanca-lost-city-found-honduras_n_3280344.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003.

“We Are Only Beginning to Feel Climate Change’s Impact”

‘Accepting the 2013 Ridenhour Courage Prize, James Hansen warns of the dire environmental impacts of our growing carbon emissions (3 May 2013)’.

‘On May 9th, for the first time in human history the atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide in the air reached a daily average of 400 parts per million. Carbon dioxide is the climate-warming greenhouse gas the world continues to be warned about and governments continue to struggle to regulate. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration made the measurements at the Muana Loa observatory in Hawaii and found the highest levels of CO2 in 3 million years. Meanwhile, Europe tries to make efforts to manage greenhouse gas pollution with an emission trading system, or carbon credits, which is something unlikely to happen in the US. Bob English, producer of RT financial show Prime Interest, joins us to discuss the matter. (14 May 2013)’.

U.S. Propaganda on CNN: Amber Lyon’s Testimony

The Syrian Arab News Agency posted this recently: ‘Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria. Lyon was quoted by the Slovak main news website as saying that the mainstream US media outlets intentionally work to create a propaganda against Iran to garner public opinion’s support for a military invasion against it. She revealed that the scenario used before launching the war on Iraq is being prepared to be repeated where Iran and Syria are now being subject to constant ‘demonization’. The former reporter clarified that the CNN channel manipulates and fabricates news and follows selectiveness when broadcasting news, stressing that the Channel receives money from the U.S. government and other countries’ governments in exchange for news content’.[1]

[1] H. Said, “Ex-CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News to Demonize Syria and Iran” Syrian Arab News Agency (30 March 2013). http://sana.sy/eng/22/2013/03/30/475112.htm.

Democracy Now! and Robert Fisk: Syria’s War

‘As the United States moves toward increased intervention in Syria, we’re joined by Robert Fisk, the longtime Middle East correspondent of the British newspaper The Independent. Just back from two weeks in Syria reporting around the capital Damascus, Fisk discusses what he calls the “theater of chemical weapons,” the latest in Syria’s civil war — a battle he says the Syrian government is winning — as well as his reaction to what he calls President Obama’s “pitiful” backing of the recent Israeli missile strikes. “Don’t ask me if they have used chemical weapons,” Fisk says. “It’s conceivable. There really isn’t any proof. What you have got to realize is that this is a propaganda war just as much as it is a savage war, killing many thousands of human beings” (7 May 2013)’.