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Gareth Williams, a ‘spy, or rather a cyberwarfare expert working for Britain’s GCHQ and then MI6 employee, whose naked, decomposing body was found inside a padlocked gym bag at his apartment likely died in an accident with no one else involved, British police said Wednesday [, 13 November 2013] — a tentative conclusion that is unlikely to calm conspiracy theories around the bizarre case. Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Martin Hewitt said the death of Gareth Williams, whose remains were found inside a bag in his bathtub in August 2010, was “most probably” an accident. But he conceded that the facts could not be established beyond a reasonable doubt, and Williams’ family members said they still believe he was killed’.[1]  Earlier this year, the bizarre case of Gareth Williams was recounted in the below documentary made by BBC Wales.

[1] “Gareth Williams, British Spy, Likely Died In Bag By Accident” AP (13 November 2013). http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/13/gareth-williams-accident-died-in-bag_n_4266397.html.


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