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Game Changer Edward Snowden

Another Fukushima Update: Broken Records and a Comedy of Errors


‘Japan is breaking its own radioactive records – as huge amounts of beta-ray emitting substances have been discovered at another reactor at the crippled Fukushima power plant. Meanwhile the government says the decontamination work scheduled to be completed by March – may take another 3 years. For more we’re joined by Alex Kerr – an expert on Japan (23 Dec 2013)’.

The Hunger Games Are Real: Acronym TV’s Resistance Report

And once again, Dennis Trainor, Jr is on the money talking about the Hunger Games in the real world, and though the Resistance Report appears to be talking about the situation in the U.S., it seems to me, the situation is really the same all over the place: ‘Donald Sutherland, who stars in the Hunger Games Franchise, wants to see a revolution that brings about the end of the American Empire, and he wants the Hunger Games movies to be a spark for that flame. Speaking to Rory Carroll of the Guardian UK, Sutherland says: “You know the young people of this society have not moved in the last 30 years.” With the exception of Occupy, a minority movement, passivity reigns.” Whether Sutherland is engaging in a very clever marketing ploy or he sincerely wants to see a revolution is a question for another day. Carl Gibson, in this exclusive for the Resistance Report, shows us just how close we are to the dystopian futuristic landscape of the Hunger games (17 Dec 2013)’.

Postscript: The End of Harold’s World

The other day, a man called Harold Camping died. The AP reports that ‘the American preacher [Harold Camping] who used his evangelical radio ministry and thousands of billboards to broadcast that the end of the world was nigh and then gave up public prophecy when his date-specific doomsdays failed to come to pass, has died aged 92. Camping, a retired civil engineer who built a worldwide following for the nonprofit ministry he founded in Oakland, California in 1958, died at his home on Sunday [15 December 2013], said Nina Romero, marketing manager for Family Radio Network. She said Camping had been in hospital after a fall. Camping’s most widely spread prediction was that the Rapture would happen on 21 May 2011. His independent Christian media empire spent millions of dollars – some of it from donations made by followers who quit their jobs and sold all their possessions – to spread the word on more than 5,000 billboards and 20 trucks plastered with the Judgment Day message’.[1]

In a blog posted on the day of the supposed coming of the rapture, I noted that in his book “We Are Almost There!, Camping discloses his stance as a fundamentalist believing in the inerrancy of the Bible: the ‘Bible is God’s word. In the original languages of the Bible, mainly Hebrew and Greek, every word, and every letter of every word, is from the mouth of God’”.[2]  A review of the book posted by the website ChristianOwned.com on Camping’s supposed rapture date pulls no punches: “Let me share that after reviewing We Are Almost There!, I am quite confident in saying the book is probably the worst work of literature we have reviewed to date; the author uses his book to promote unsubstantiated ideas as truth causing people to make life decisions based on their fear and Camping’s confident proclamations that the end of the world is happening in October [2011]. In the interest of disclosure, let me say that my hometown (Oakland, California) is the homebase of Mr. Campings broadcasting network and that I and other Christians in the area have known for years that Mr. Camping holds incorrect and dangerous interpretations of scripture. For example, Harold Camping previously convinced many through his writings and broadcasting network that the rapture was going to occur back in September 1994. Obviously, he was wrong about that prediction”.[3]

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2013 Person of the Year: The Pope or Snowden???

End of year lists are always popular around this time . . . and for good measure, the inimitable Dennis Trainor, Jr. adds his two cents to the debate: “TIME magazine generates plenty of buzz each year in rolling out their PERSON OF THE YEAR. Not to be confused with a popularity contest, TIME is very clear in its criteria. It’s editors state: TIME’s Person of the Year is bestowed by the editors on the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year. Got it? Given those criteria, whom would you have chosen for 2013? Time chose Pope Francis. Even an atheist, like me, who has argued, as I have, that the Catholic Church has been running at a net moral deficit for a few hundred (or a few thousand, but who’s counting?) years can find much to admire in Pope Francis. He talks openly about the Tyranny of Capitalism, he sneaks out of the Vatican at night incognito to feed the poor., and all of that kissing of the feet? Amazing. Person of the year? Come on now, Francis just took the job, and he heads an institution that still, let us not forget, relegates women to second class status, and protects pedophiles from the full punishment of the law. Could it be that Time magazine was acting in pre-emptive manner? In describing The People’s Pope, Time writes: “He took the name of a humble saint and then called for a church of healing. The first non-European pope in 1,200 years is POISED (emphasis mine) to transform a place that measures change by the century.” Is another case of our times affinity for pre-emptive action? There was once a time when attacking a country that did not declare war on you and posed no threat to you, never mind shocking and awing it into the stone age, was considered a war crime. Now offense is the new defense and Pre-Emptive wars waged based on lies are now the standard foreign policy of the U.S. Empire. Barack Obama, for his part, has not (as promised) ended the war in Afghanistan. He has not scaled back the Drone Program started under Bush, rather he has escalated it. But before he got a chance to prove himself, the Nobel Peace Committee pre-emptively gave a peace prize to a man who was and remains commander in chief of what Martin Luther King Jr correctly described as the greatest purveyor of violence in the world. And so it goes with TIME magazine, granting a title based on promise rather than actual impact. And so it is with pride that I announce the Acronym TV person of the year is Edward Snowden. Edward Snowden opened up a Pandora’s box that cannot be closed. In the Christmas season, many parents of small children will find themselves humming the refrain “he see you when you’re sleeping and knows when your awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good…” to keeps kids in line with the promise of toys under the tree. Adults, however, are now confronted with a reality that can no longer be dismissed as conspiracy theory paranoia: The NSA, for all intents and purposes, sees us when we sleep, and wake. The data, we are learning is being collected pre-emotively. Just in case. The list of things we know from the Snowden leaks are still evolving; more is said to come. Here is a quick rundown of what we know now: The NSA is allowed direct access to Google, Apple, and Facebook. Documents reveal that the NSA makes regular exceptions to only spying on foreign targets. In one-example NSA officials tried to excuse the revelation that they collected all phone data with the Washington DC 202 area code by saying it was a mix up with the “20” country code of Egypt. Oh and, by the way, the US spied on Presidents or leaders of what are considered countries friendly to us like Brazil, Mexico and Germany- and also hacked the United Nations video conference systems- the for those of you who are tech savvy enough to encrypt your communications, know that the NSA has been working to systematically influence encryption standards or insert backdoors in the code of commercial encryption software to enable it to access Internet users’ communications. The list goes on and on. And more, we are told, is on the way. The impact on the world of Snowden’s leaks is real. Our allies don’t trust us, a growing number of citizens here is the U.S. no longer have faith in our government, and the U.S Empire is tottering like Humpty Dumpty on his wall. And so it is clear that the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, to say nothing of the future impact of the mounting Snowden revelations will have in 2014 and beyond is Edward Snowden, the Acronym TV 2013 person of the year”.

Resistance Report, 15: Drones in Yemen, Hunger Games In America, and Corporate Espionage

‘On this episode of The Resistance Report Dennis Trainor, Jr. talks about the 15 innocent people in Yemen were killed Thursday by a Drone attack. The 15 homicide victims will be called collateral damage, and yet we are not at war with Yemen. It is a country, that, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia pose no threat to us and certainly have not declared war on us and yet, who contain within their borders members of an organization- Al-Qaeda- whose ranks will surely swell with each innocent victims whose bodies are pulverized at the click of a button from an Air Force pilot half a world away. We hear the haunting yet absurd steps taken by the NSA to monitor citizens. Unfortunately for activists, revolutionaries, and other agents of social change, that’s only the “state” prong of surveillance. The corporate arm is much more damning. Joel Northam reports. Donald Sutherland, who stars in the Hunger Games Franchise, wants to see a revolution that brings about the end of the American Empire, and he wants the Hunger Games movies to be a spark for that flame. Speaking to Rory Carroll of the Guardian UK, Sutherland says: “You know the young people of this society have not moved in the last 30 years.” With the exception of Occupy, a minority movement, passivity reigns.” Whether Sutherland is engaging in a very clever marketing ploy or he sincerely wants to see a revolution is a question for another day. For now, Carl Gibson gives us this report that shows just how close we are to the dystopian futuristic landscape of the Hunger games. A group called We the People Maine went to the State House on Wednesday to deliver a formal request for the Legislature to apply for a Constitutional Convention of States to overturn Citizens United and establish that “corporations are not people and money is not speech.” Asher Platts was there, and files a report (14 Dec 2013)’.

Andy Hamilton’s Search for Satan

‘Award-winning comedy writer and performer Andy Hamilton (creator and star of Radio 4’s acclaimed infernal comedy Old Harry’s Game) explores just who the devil Satan is, where he comes from and what he has been up to all this time’. 


Breaking the Set, 292: Propaganda for Kids, a Revolutionary Nuclear Savior, Conspiracy to Tell the Truth

‘On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin remarks on Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s new children’s coloring book as the latest effort at making propaganda palatable for America’s youth. Abby then features an interview with David Martin, chief executive at the Weinberg Foundation, about the many potential energy benefits of thorium, a largely unexplored element that poses far less risks than uranium and plutonium. Abby then goes over the latest NSA revelations which outline how the agency has spied on online gamers in the World of Warcraft and Second Life, calling out how taxpayer dollars are squandered in these fruitless counter terrorism efforts. BTS wraps up the show with an interview with Tyrel Ventura, host of the online news show ‘Buzzsaw’, discussing growing up in the Ventura family, his work on ‘Conspiracy Theory’ on Tru-Tv, American political dysfunction and uniting radical thinkers (9 Dec 2013)’.

BBC – Beautiful Equations

‘Artist and writer Matt Collings takes the plunge into an alien world of equations. He asks top scientists to help him understand five of the most famous equations in science, talks to Stephen Hawking about his equation for black holes and comes face to face with a particle of anti-matter. Along the way he discovers why Newton was right about those falling apples and how to make sense of E=mc2. As he gets to grips with these equations he wonders whether the concept of artistic beauty has any relevance to the world of physics’.

Turkish FM in Armenia: Davutoğlu in Yerevan

Turkey’s Foreign Minister, the wily pseudo-Ottoman architect Ahmed Davutoğlu went to Armenia on Wednesday, 11 December. And in reponse, the ArmeniaNow reporter Gayane Mkrtchyan writes that the “Foreign Ministry of Armenia has refuted the information published by the Aravot daily claiming that Armenia has drafted another roadmap for normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations and passed it over to Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu through ‘diplomatic channels’. The new roadmap allegedly rests upon three points: Turkey publicly admits the fact of the Armenian Genocide, its responsibility before the Diaspora Armenians scattered around the world; Turkey immediately opens the Turkish-Armenian border and establishes diplomatic relations with Armenia. In the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict settlement process Turkey assumes a peaceful settlement mediator’s role and becomes entitled to implement social projects aimed at controlling bellicose rhetoric, prevention of border incidents, sniper withdrawal and preparation of the conflicting societies to peace”.[1]  At the same time, the Turkish politician was also met by predictable protests on the streets of Yerevan.

Rather than deal with the sticky issue of Turco-Armenian relations, Davutoğlu’s “one-day visit to Yerevan [was made] to attend the Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) meeting, making him the highest-level Turkish official to visit Armenia since 2009. Although a bilateral meeting with Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian was not scheduled as of late afternoon on Dec. 11, Turkish diplomats underlined that they would have no hesitation in holding talks with their host if they received an invitation from Armenia”, as reported by Hürriyet Daily News.[2]  The Hürriyet Daily News report continues that “[m]eetings between Azeri and Armenian officials over the last two months boosted hopes for a meaningful negotiation process to restart between the two countries. This latest set of Azeri-Armenian talks made Davutoğlu more willing to attend the BSEC meeting in Yerevan. The Turkish foreign minister’s decision to go to Yerevan was welcomed by the United States and leading European countries. According to information gathered by the Hürriyet Daily News, European and American diplomats deemed Davutoğlu’s visit and potential bilateral meeting a very promising move. They also advised Armenia ‘not to miss the opportunity’ created by the visit. However, Turkish diplomats did note that this visit should not be regarded as a new opening toward Armenia”.[3]

Much ado about nothing or what???  The wily Turk himself said the following: “There is no need to present [my visit to Yerevan] as special or different. Our desire and goal is to improve the Turkish-Armenian relations, as well as settle the issues between Armenia and Azerbaijan, ensure development and establishment of lasting peace in the South Caucasus”.[4]  The Armenian Turcologist Andranik Ispiryan evaluates Davutoğlu’s move as follows: “It is certainly not a secret that the main purpose of Davutoglu’s visit is related to the approaching 2015 [100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide], however there are also secondary issues. Its failed politics in the Middle East – Syria, Iraq, recently also Egypt, as well as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent visit to Armenia, have forced Turkey to remind of its existence”.[5]  Ispiryan even goes as far as calling Turkey’s pseudo-Ottoman ambitions a failure and paraphrasing Davutoğlu’s well-known dictum as “zero neighbors, multiple problems”.[6]

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