— The Erimtan Angle —

‘The Blackwater journalist, Jeremy Scahill, on drone strikes and America’s undeclared wars – or as he calls them, ‘dirty wars’ (01 Dec 2013)’.

Last October, Mediaite’s Matt Wilstein wrote that “Jeremy Scahill, best known for his national security reporting in The Nation and the recent documentary Dirty Wars, will be joining . . . Glenn Greenwald and the filmmaker Laura Poitras in their new journalism venture backed by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. In a new interview with the German show Jung & Naiv, Scahill revealed new details about the still nascent plans for the website. Scahill said that while he, Greenwald and Poitras have all worked for disparate news outlets, they have been discussing for some time a way to create a “place where we could do more quick response journalism, to put things out in more detail.” He clarified that the venture would be much more than a “blog” and instead described it as a “serious investigative journalism site” that will employ both “really exciting young journalists” and “veteran journalists . . . We all deal in the world of leaks. Someone leaked that we were doing this,” Scahill said of the initial reports. “I have no idea who it was. I’m not happy about it, but I don’t have the power to prosecute them like Obama does.” He cautioned that the project is still in the “strategic” stage and has a ways to go before it goes live. Greenwald and Poitras rose to a new level of prominence with the stories based off of Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks over the past several months. While Scahill has not been as closely associated with that story, he has been an equally critical voice against President Obama’s foreign policy, speaking out against the drone program as well as the NSA’s surveillance tactics”.[1]


[1] Matt Wilstein, “Jeremy Scahill Reveals New Details About Journalism Project with Glenn Greenwald” Mediaite (17 October 2013). http://www.mediaite.com/tv/jeremy-scahill-reveals-new-details-about-journalism-project-with-glenn-greenwald/.


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