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‘Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp is comedy news with a punch. This weekly satire show tackles all the news stories mainstream media won’t tell you about. With reality now seeming like a Shakespearean comedy, perhaps only comedy can truly bring truth to the people. Comedian Lee Camp and a talented cast find out what’s UNDER the black ink! (28 May 2014)’.

‘In this episode, Lee Camp bites into Monsanto, which makes him ill, and John F. O’Donnell gets molested by the tentacles of the billionaire Kochtopus. Obama ends the War in Afghanistan with something other than peace, Chilean magician Papas Fritas makes $500 million in student debt disappear. Sam Sacks examines NSA reform – and by “reform,” we mean ”business as usual.” A second Deutsche Bank video against boasting bankers is mysteriously leaked, and speaking of leaks – radiation is leaking in New Mexico. Tennessee brings back a shocking punishment, and more! (30 May 2014)’.

On the WebWire, we can read that “Lee Camp has been seen on ShowTime’s The Green Room, Good Morning America , Countdown with Keith Olbermann and more. [Mister Camp] has been a contributor to The Onion and a staff writer on The Huffington Post. George Carlin’s daughter Kelly says Camp is one of the few keeping her father’s torch lit. Bill Hicks’s brother Steve says Camp is one of a handful of comics with Bill’s passion and message”.[1]


[1] “Lee Camp’s new TV Show “Redacted Tonight” premieres May 30th on RT America” WebWire (30 May 2014). http://www.webwire.com/ViewPressRel.asp?aId=188299#.U4mG55NrP4g.


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