— The Erimtan Angle —

‘Living in a royal palace may sound like a dream for many – but for the four Saudi princesses it turned into a nightmare. They have been living in isolation for 13 years after falling out of favour with their father, King Abdullah. RT has again spoken to the women (30 May 2014)’.

But misogyny is not just a Saudi vice, today’s popular culture appears to be very much based upon the male prerogative and the suppression of women. The recent killing spree in California gave us a taste of what it is like to be a woman-hating and frustrated white male unable to live up to his ideals. Here is the always bubbly yet always-perspicacious Laci Green talking about Elliot Rodgers, offering ‘an analysis of the recent massacre in Isla Vista and its media fallout. She begins by reviewing the statements Elliot Rodgers made which clearly outline his motivation and intentions for the massacre: not being able to have sex with women. She goes on to address the role that violent masculinity and misogyny played in his actions, two conversations that are surprisingly thin in the nationwide media. She argues that by calling this only an act of psychosis, we fail to address the bigger problem of entitlement, male socialization, and violence motivated by misogyny’.


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