— The Erimtan Angle —

‘There’s something wrong with free market Capitalism. We all know it, but it’s difficult to articulate. This video takes a quick look at the concept of wage slavery, in an attempt to inspire you to look more into the subject. We’ve put a few key facts in the video, but it’s obviously an incredibly complicated issue so some elements have been omitted to ensure the video is easy to digest, while still being factual (26 August 2014)’.

The Law of Increasing Misery

Wage slavery is an attractive concept . . . and along came CLAWS: Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery, a “a pro-leisure and anti-wage-slavery group of people dedicated to exploring the question: why work? [the group’s] site provides information, support, and resources for those looking for alternatives to traditional employment. We actively promote alternatives to the wage slavery mindset and what we call ‘The Cult of the Job’ which automatically equates having a job with making a living. If you start asking yourself ‘why work?’ you may see a connection between wage slavery, misunderstandings of leisure, lifestyles based on consumption, corporate welfare, education that often amounts to little more than conditioning, and the global social, environmental, and economic crises we are now facing. We hope that the materials we feature here will encourage critical thinking about such things. [The group’s] site is primarily about ideas and encouragement, so our focus is more philosophical than practical. However, ideas and action go hand-in-hand” . . . So, CLAWS it is then.[i] And CLAWS is an internet site that is ‘a joint effort of Sarah Nelson, creator of The Leisure Party, and D.J. Swanson, founder of CLAWS’.[2]



[1] “CLAWS: Creating Livable Alternatives to Wage Slavery” whywork? http://www.whywork.org/.

[2] “Title of Page Here” whywork http://www.whywork.org/about/welcome.html.


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