— The Erimtan Angle —

‘A study of almost 20 years’ worth of satellite images shows Antarctic sea levels are on the rise as ice shelves continue to melt (1 September 2014)’.

In the International Business Times, the Indian web journalist Kukil Bora maintains that “[s]cientists have examined satellite data from the last 19 years to reveal that fresh water from Antarctica’s melting glaciers and ice sheets have caused the sea level around the icy continent to rise by nearly 0.8 inches (2 centimeters) more than the global average of 2.3 inches (6 centimeters). The scientists said, in a study published in the journal Nature Geoscience, that the melting of the Antarctic ice sheet and the thinning of floating ice shelves have led to an excess of nearly 350 gigatons of freshwater in the surrounding ocean, which has led to a reduction in the salinity of the sea water . . . As part of the study, the researchers studied satellite scans of a region that spans more than a million square kilometers (about 386,000 square miles), or more than three times the size of the state of Virginia. In addition to satellite observations, the researchers also developed computer simulations of the effect of melting glaciers on the Antarctic Ocean to closely mirror the real-world picture presented by satellite data”.[1]


[1] Kukil Bora, “Antarctic Sea-Level Rising Faster Than Global Rate, New Study Shows” International Business Times (01 August 2014). http://www.ibtimes.com/antarctic-sea-level-rising-faster-global-rate-new-study-shows-1674978.


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