— The Erimtan Angle —

‘A former German rapper turned ISIS extremist was reportedly spied on by his wife, who was an undercover agent for FBI. Denis Cuspert, 39, aka Deso Dogg, converted to radical Islam, changed his name to Abu Talha al-Almani and arrived in Syria as a jihadist in 2013.[1]  He is believed to lead a group of German-speaking terrorists and became an ISIS poster boy after he was seen holding a severed head in a grisly beheading video last year. German media believe that Cuspert, a father of three by three different women, was targeted because of his past womanizing. It is not clear when he married his unidentified spy wife, but she secretly transmitted critical information about the former rapper and his ISIS colleagues to her handler before she found out that the militants were looking for spies. The undercover wife then escaped to Turkey, where she was arrested. She is now believed to be in the U.S. German and American intelligence sources have acknowledged the existence of the secret mission. German intelligence said 500 German Muslims have traveled Syria and Iraq, and about 150 radical Muslims are now back in Germany (17 Feb 2015)’.

A “report by German newspaper Bild am Sonntag based on information by American and German intelligence sources, the spy had been tasked with establishing contact with high level ISIL leadership. The agent eventually met German rapper and ISIL fighter Denis Cuspert, whom she married via Islamic rites. Later when her life entered danger she fled to Turkey where she was apprehended by Turkish police and returned to the United States”.[2]

[1] “Rap and the Shariah: Denis Cuspert, the Islamic State’s Propaganda Mastermind” A Pseudo-Ottoman Blog (13 November 2014). https://sitanbul.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/rap-and-the-shariah-denis-cuspert-the-islamic-states-propaganda-mastermind/.

[2] “Turkey returns US spy married to German ISIL fighter” BGN News (15 Feb 2015). http://national.bgnnews.com/turkey-returns-us-spy-married-to-german-isil-fighter-haberi/3536.


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