— The Erimtan Angle —

‘The Enemies of Reason is a two-part television documentary, written and presented by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, in which he seeks to expose “those areas of belief that exist without scientific proof, yet manage to hold the nation under their spell”, including mediumship, acupuncture and psychokinesis. The documentary was first broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK, styled as a loose successor to Dawkins’ documentary of the previous year, The Root of All Evil?, as seen through the incorporation of brief clips from said documentary during the introduction of the first part by Dawkins. The first part aired 13 August 2007 and the second on 20 August 2007. It includes interviews with Steve Fuller, Deepak Chopra, Satish Kumar, and Darren Brown’.

  • Astrology was developed in the 2nd century AD by the philosopher Claudius Ptolemy
  • Since Ptolemy developed this belief system, new planets have been discovered and the earth’s rotational axis has shifted 23 degrees
  • The ‘barnum effect’ is a term used in psychology whereby people tend to believe statements are specific and personal to them, when in fact they are general enough to apply to everyone
  • ‘Cold reading’ refers to the set of linguistic tricks a psychic medium might use, whereby they communicate information to someone where it sounds like they know everything about you – they are supplying words and you are constantly applying the meaning yourself
  • A quarter of the British population claims to believe in astrology
  • Half the British population say they believe in paranormal phenomena
  • Over 8 million of us have consulted psychic mediums.[1]

[1] ‘facts” Channel 4. http://www.channel4.com/culture/microsites/E/enemies_of_reason/facts.html.


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