— The Erimtan Angle —

China Uncensored

‘China Uncensored is China news like the Daily Show or Colbert Report is US news. It’s a little funny, a little scary, and pretty darn entertaining. Chris Chappell’s launches his war on the CCP with a sarcastic take on China’s government abuse with the latest news’.

10 Signs China’s Military Is Weaker Than You Think

‘Sure China has the largest standing army in the world, with 2.3 million people, a military budget of 120 billion dollars, and experimental spider tanks. But it turns out that China’s People’s Liberation Army might not be as powerful as you think. And here are 10 reasons why (27 May 2015)’.

12 Craziest-Looking Chinese Buildings

‘”Weird architecture” is something even Chinese leader Xi Jinping is rallying against. From Beijing to Shanghai, bizarre buildings have popped up all over China and you won’t believe some of the designs they’ve come up with. Some of these you’ll have to see to believe. On this episode of China Uncensored, 12 of the craziest buildings in China (10 June 2015)’.

China’s Secret War Against the US

‘For over a decade, China—and by China I mean the Communist Party of China—has been engaged in a full scale war with the United States. But the average American has no idea. Because China never declared war. And China hasn’t fired a single bullet. Nonetheless, the Communist Party of China is engaged in a full-scale, multi-billion-dollar war with the United States, and it threatens every American worker and taxpayer (19 June 2015)’.


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