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Following the recent terrorist outrage on a Tunisian beach killing scores of British holidaymakers, David Cameron now feels at ease and able to reveal his true foreign and domestic policy programme to the world at large. As told by the Beeb: the “fight against Islamic State is ‘the struggle of our generation’, David Cameron has said, as it emerged the British death toll in the Tunisian attack will rise above 30. Home Secretary Theresa May will travel to Tunisia on Monday [, 29 June 2015] to meet ministers and those caught up in the attack. A total of 38 people were killed on a beach near Sousse by a gunman with links to Islamic State extremists. Mr Cameron said IS could be beaten but it would take ‘a very long time’. The prime minister told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the ‘absolutely horrific’ events had ‘shocked the whole of the world’. He said IS posed ‘an existential threat’ to the West, and its members in Iraq and Syria were plotting ‘terrible attacks’ on British soil. Mr Cameron – who will chair another meeting of the Cobra emergency committee on Monday morning – said the UK must have a ‘full-spectrum response’ to the IS threat – including continuing with air strikes”.[1]

In other words, a possibly deranged or brainwashed individual by the name of Seifeddine Rezgui, with no clear or apparent connections to the Caliph and his henchmen, has now handed Cameron his very own Bush moment. In the aftermath of what has become known as “9/11”, then-U.S. President George W. Bush craftily utilized the terror attacks to oil the wheels of the Military-Industrial Complex (or Mic,[2] if you will) and unleash the true successor to the Cold War in the form of the War on Terror, an endless affair that has received a new moniker since then. In addition, Bush also oversaw the introduction of the PATRIOT Act and the subsequent implementation of extreme and complete surveillance. But, back to Cameron now and his plans to unseat Bashar al-Assad, oops, I meant the Caliph Ibrahim (aka Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi): “Our strategy is to build up local armies. It’s much easier to just invade a country. . . it’s easier and faster, but that has consequences”.[3]  Still talking on Radio 4, Cameron declared that “[i]t is an existential threat because what’s happening here is the perversion of a great religion, and the creation of this poisonous death cult that is seducing too many young minds in Europe, in America, in the Middle East and elsewhere. This is going to be the struggle of our generation and we have to fight it with everything that we can”.[4]  And sounding just like Bush, the PM minced now words stating that “[]hey have declared war on us and they are attacking our people at home and overseas whether we like it or not”.[5]  And so it become apparent that the Tunisia beach attack has now given President Obama a true ally in his attempt to train, equip, and position non-extremist opposition fighters (known more commonly as Jihadi terrorists) in the fight against the new bogeyman.

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[5] Matt Chorley, “We CAN beat ISIS terrorists who threaten our way of life but it will take ‘extraordinary resolve and patience’, says Cameron”.


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