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Barack Obama & Jon Stewart: The Daily Show

‘Reflecting on his two-term presidency, Barack Obama looks back at his accomplishments and also shares his opinions on the role of government. Published on Jul 21, 2015’.  

‘President Obama joked about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s unexpected rise to the top of the crowded field of GOP candidates during a taping of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Tuesday. Published on Jul 22, 2015’.  

What is the Alternative Media?

‘On July 7, 2015, James Corbett was asked to present to a course on alternative media in the International Relations department of Japan’s Ritsumeikan University. The lecture covers how James came to start The Corbett Report, the technology that has enabled the alternative media revolution, and the promises and perils of that revolution. Published on Jul 30, 2015’.

Ritsumeikan University is a private university in Kyoto, Japan, tracing its roots to 1869. With the Kinugasa Campus(KIC) in Kyoto, and Kyoto Prefecture. the university also has a satellite called Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (BKC).[1]  While, The Corbett Report was founded in 2007 by Canadian expatriate James Corbett, who now lives in Japan and taught English there before resigning to pursue his political interests on a full time basis. The website claims to operate on the principles of “open source intelligence” and to be funded by listener donations. Interviews and articles about current affairs and what Corbett calls “suppressed history” are also provided. The Corbett Report YouTube channel also hosts the podcast ‘New World Next Week’ and is an affiliate of the Tragedy And Hope web site.[2]

And here is Mister Corbett recommending some books to read . . .

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President Barack Obama Interview – BBC News

‘In a wide-ranging interview with the BBC’s North American Editor Jon Sopel, US President Barack Obama said a lack of changes on US gun laws was the “greatest frustration” of his presidency. Mr Obama also told the BBC what he will say about gay rights in Kenya, why his own Congress and the Gulf nations should accept the recent Iran nuclear deal, and what he expects his legacy as president will be. Published on Jul 23, 2015’.

Mullah Omar: Dead, Alive or Undead???

Rumours have been going around about the demise of the notorious Taliban leader . . . and now, the eminent Robert Fisk weighs in to say that “he has [already] died three times before, most spectacularly at the hands of Pakistan’s notoriously vicious – and notoriously slipshod – Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) in 2011. Untrue on that occasion, of course. Bin Laden himself died at least twice before the Americans assassinated him in 2011. Even George W wrote him off in 2002. Then he was dying of cancer. Then he was dying of kidney failure. The Top People’s Paper even killed off Ayatollah Khomeini – of cancer – long before the old boy expired”.[1]

Fisk takes a few steps back to tell the possibly dead man’s story: “Mullah Omar, possibly the son-in-law of Bin Laden but very definitely one-eyed, declared himself the Emir of the Faithful in 1996 – even dressing up in the Prophet’s cloak (if it was the Prophet’s cloak) in Kandahar – then led his Taliban purists to victory against the mujahedin fighters who had driven the Russians out of what quickly became the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. He was head of state for five years until he gave political asylum to Bin Laden after 9/11 and ended up on the run with a $10m bounty on his head. He approved of the elimination of murderers, adulterers and statues of Buddha, and was held in awe by young men who thought nothing of hanging television sets from trees to show their contempt for graven images – and, quite possibly, journalists”.[2]  These latest repors apparently constitute the fourth occurrence of Omar’s possible demise, rumours that might be greatly exaggerated . . . or as put by Fisk: Mullah Omar’s “latest death, according to the usual sources, could have occurred two or three years ago – before Isis began making inroads into his turf – so if he turns out to be still alive, he must surely be Emir of the Undead. Maybe the Americans should amend their $10m reward to the slightly more inspiring “Dead AND Alive”.[3]

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Selahattin Demirtaş | HDP Grup Toplantısı | 28 Temmuz 2015 |

‘HDP Eş Genel Başkanı Selahattin Demirtaş HDP Grup Toplantısında çözüm süreci ve son günlerde meydana gelen terör olayları hakkında konuştu (28 Temmuz 2015)’.  

The Debate – Turkey’s policy shift

‘Has Ankara gotten tired of supporting terrorists in the region? Turkey has been playing a very active role in supporting terrorists in Syria especially. However now, Turkey has been bombing alleged terrorist positions inside of Syria and Iraq? But why would the Turks do this without the coordination of the sovereign governments in both these nations? And why would Turkey do an about face on a position that it has been holding for years now? Published on Jul 26, 2015’.

Iran Nuclear Agreement: The Administration’s Case

‘Secretary John Kerry provides opening remarks before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Capitol Hill on July 28, 2015’.[1]

[1] Transcript: http://www.state.gov/secretary/remarks/2015/07/245369.htm.