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‘A Shia militia group League of the Righteous has told the BBC that militant forces in Iraq, including Isis, are “terrified” of them. The BBC’s Jeremy Bowen meets members of the group, which is fighting on the side of the Iraqi government. Its spiritual leader Sheik Qais al-Khazali told him that Western policies are responsible for the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Syria. Published on Jul 7, 2014’.

‘The Iraqi Army says it is now pushing back Islamic State fighters from around Baghdad, and the city will not fall. With no foreign troops in combat on the ground in Iraq, the army has the job of following up on coalition airstrikes to halt IS advances. A series of setbacks in the summer had raised questions about the army’s ability and morale to do this and take the fight to IS. Our World Affairs John Simpson, has been with the Iraqi Army to the frontline with Islamic State about twenty miles south west of Baghdad. Published on Oct 10, 2014’.

‘The BBC’s Caroline Hawley has been exploring what life might be like for the 3 British girls who are thought to have gone to join Islamic State in Syria. Published on Feb 23, 2015’.

‘Saudi Arabia is a member of the US-led coalition battling the jihadists who call themselves Islamic State, in Iraq and Syria. However there has long been concern that ultra-conservative Saudi theologians foster the ideology that fuels such Islamist extremism. Barbara Plett Usher reports. Published on Apr 3, 2015’.

‘John Simpson examines the successes of Islamic State and the consequences for those affected and the wider region. Published on May 23, 2015’.

‘As Iraqi government forces launch an operation to drive Islamic State (IS) out of Anbar province neighbours across the region are growing increasingly nervous. There are fears that Jordan could be the jihadists’ next target so it has been redoubling its efforts to confront the extremist threat both on its borders and inside the country. Frank Gardner has been to the Jordan-Iraq border and was granted exclusive access inside a prison to meet a reformed IS convict. Published on May 28, 2015′.

‘The BBC’s Orla Guerin is given exclusive access to members of an alleged Islamic State militant cell. Published on Jun 7, 2015’.

There is little doubt that the public-at-large should be informed about the things done by the Islamic State. These beheadings and other atrocities carried out by the Caliph’s henchmen do nothing but pour oil on the flames of Islamophobia, already rampant in Europe and around the world. Are the BBC and other media (this blog included) not acting as the Caliph’s handmaidens in this context,???


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