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‘Rooftop Revolutionaries perform their songs ‘Sick, Tired and Wasted’ and ‘Runaway’ and discuss what drives their political activism. Published on Dec 12, 2014’.

Rooftop Revolutionaries is an LA based political hard rock band featuring Eleanor Goldfield, Brian Marshak, Micke Gustavsson, and Stan Love . . . Rooftop Revolutionaries are a modern hard rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Unlike many contemporary bands, Rooftop Revolutionaries express political and social views in their songs, blending a message with a punishing sound similar to that of Shinedown, Chevelle and Alice in Chains. Rooftop Revolutionaries create music for the movement to Get Money Out of politics; to return the power to the people. Every issue in this country, from education, health care, war, poverty, economy and the environment can be traced back to the corrupting influence of money in politics. Rooftop’s music is a medium to fight that corruption, to engage through entertainment and to push for change.[1]

‘Rooftop Revolutionaries Official music video for the song, “Folk Devils” off of the album, Resolute (17 March 2014)’.

Everybody’s favourite grand-daddy of punk rock and punk activism (in addition to being a everybody’s favourite failed ice-cream scooper), Henry Rollins, had this to say: “It’s good to hear a band be very strong and very heavy and not resort to metal cliche  to get there”.[2]

[1] “About Rooftop Revolutionaries” facebook. https://www.facebook.com/rooftoprevolutionaries/info?tab=page_info.

[2] “Press” Rooftop Revolutionaries. http://www.rooftoprevolutionaries.com/press.html.


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