— The Erimtan Angle —

‘Published on Jul 1, 2015: Over the past year at CrossTalk we have asked guests many times whether we face the specter of a new Cold War. Today it is all too obvious there is a new Cold War. What we need to ask now are the terms and conditions of this conflict and the possible outcomes’.

In fact, I wrote as long ago as the summer of 2011: ‘Is the Arab Awakening turning into the beginning of a New Cold War between the U.S. and Russia? The conservative American writer Conor Friedersdorf reminds people of the high stakes: “If you’ve lost count, that’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen where the Obama Administration will be warring.” Will these conflicts turn into proxy-wars fought between America and Russia, possibly aided by China?’.[1]  And, as we know now, the conflict in the east of the Ukraine as well as Syria’s not-so civil war now really do constitute the two real not-quite-proxy conflicts between Washington and Moscow . . . between Obama and Putin.

[1] C. Erimtan, “The Arab Awakening and the never-ending Cold War” Hürriyet Daily News (22 June 2011). http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/default.aspx?pageid=438&n=the-arab-awakening-and-the-never-ending-cold-war-2011-06-22.


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