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Last Monday (26 October 2015), the Turkish police conducted a raid in the Merkez Kayapınar district of the south-east Anatolian city of Diyarbakır with the aim of disrupting further terrorist actions by the Islamic State (IS) in Turkey. In the course of the operation, the police killed seven individual IS members, including one of the Caliph’s Turkish men, a certain Veysel Argunağa who had travelled to Diyarbakır from the German town of Bremen. Argunağa’s parents had been outraged by their son’s actions, but he apparently used his facebook account to state that “[a]s long as there are those able to take care of one’s parents, their words can be ignored. That is what the Shariah commands”. In addition to killing seven IS members, the Turkish police have also arrested 15 others, including a certain “N.T.” who has been identified as the Islamic State’s Diyarbakır representative. Two police officers were also killed in the course of the operation that was aimed at disabling IS sleeper cells active in Diyarbakır, and arguably responsible for the recent terror attacks in Suruç and Ankara..[1]

The Islamic State’s Diyarbakır representative “N.T.” apparently gave a number of public speeches in the course of 2013 and 2014, as the spokesman of the Takva Eğitim ve Okuma Salonu (Ethical Guard Education and Reading Room). During these lectures he indicated that “agents” as well as “listening devices” had been planted inside the local police headquarters. According to an unnamed source, “N.T.” literally proclaimed during one of these meetings (“22 November”) that “[t]hese agents have provided both sides with molotov cocktails, sound bombs and handmade explosive devices that have been prepared by the police using state facilities . . . It was the intention here to bring the Islamist faction face to face with the PKK”.[2]  According to recent reports, the terrorists that have been apprehended in Diyarbakır arrived in Turkey about two months ago, having travelled to Diyarbakır from Syria. Turkey’s security forces apparently kept these terrorists under strict surveillance during the past months, but decided to act now as these IS members were apparently on the verge of staging another attack.[3]

[1] Ferit Aslan and Ahmet Ün, “Diyarbakır’daki IŞİD operasyonuyla ilgili çarpıcı ayrıntılar” DHA (28 October 2015). http://www.dha.com.tr/diyarbakirdaki-isid-operasyonuyla-ilgili-carpici-ayrintilar_1059176.html.

[2] Ferit Aslan and Ahmet Ün, “Diyarbakır’daki IŞİD operasyonuyla ilgili çarpıcı ayrıntılar”.

[3] “O IŞİD’çilerin kimliği belli oldu” Milliyet (27 Oct 2015). http://www.milliyet.com.tr/o-isid-cilerin-kimligi-belli-oldu-gundem-2138812/.


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