— The Erimtan Angle —


As I wrote last month, “the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia unveiled its desire to create an ‘Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism’ [(o)n 15 December 2015], a 34-nation coalition, including such military high-rollers like Turkey and Pakistan, with its ‘joint operations center’ to be located in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. King Salman’s men have devised this project ‘for the sake of supporting international efforts to combat terrorism and to save international peace and security’. In addition, the Saudi press release indicates that ‘[m]ore than ten other Islamic countries have expressed their support for this alliance and will take the necessary measures in this regard, including Indonesia’. In other words, while the U.S.-led coalition of the NATO-wiling (basically Germany, France, the UK, albeit also assisted by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) is bombing the Islamic State in various locations throughout Iraq and Syria, the Sunni bloc-under-Wahhabi-leadership has now also decided to join the fray in its own right. This could arguably be seen as an effort to produce a kind of homegrown military response to extremists unsettling the status quo and threatening the world beyond the wider Middle East”.[i]


The Turkish leadership has apparently taken this Saudi move to heart, as the President of the Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (aka the Prez) promptly visited the Saudi capital in the period 29-30 December, with his wily Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu following suit a month later (29 January 2016), in turn followed by the Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar the next day (30 January 2016).[2] In this cosy context of Turco-Saudi relations, the eminent historian, economic researcher, and freelance journalist F. William Engdahl puts forward that Tayyip “Erdoğan’s Turkish military and most especially his Turkish intelligence, MIT, headed by close crony, Hakan Fidan, is playing a key role in the planned Saudi-Turk-Qatari coalitions move to destroy the regime of Assad and at the same time seize control for them of the rich oil fields of Iraq between Mosul and Kirkuk. In an October 18, 2015 interview with the Turkish news agency, Anadolu, Fidan stated the open Turkish support for DAESH: ‘The Islamic Emirate [or IS] is a reality and we must accept that we cannot eradicate a well-organized and popular institution as the Islamic State is. Therefore, I urge my colleagues in the West to revise their mindset on Islamic political currents, to put aside their cynical mentality and thwart Putin plans to crush the Islamist Syrian revolutionaries’. In other words, for Turkey as for Saudi Arabia, DAESH is not a terrorist organization, nor Al Nusrah Front, rather they are ‘Islamist Syrian revolutionaries’ fighting the ‘infidel’ Assad regime and its Russian ally. Hakan Fidan’s involvement in the illegal downing of the Russian SU-24 in November in Syrian airspace is indication of what will come. Not only is Erdoğan’s son, Bilal Erdoğan, involved in illegally exporting the stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil. Erdoğan’s son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, was named by the President to be Turkish Energy Minister the day after the Turkish shooting of the SU-24, and it was Turkish Grey Wolves terrorists in Syria who murdered the SU-24 Russian pilot that Erdoğan’s Air Force shot down. The recent unwanted Turkish military incursion into Iraq’s Mosul region, ostensibly, to train fighters linked to Iraqi Kurdistan’s president, Massoud Barzani, shows further that Turkey will be the battering ram of the planned Saudi conquest of Syrian and Iraqi oilfields, wrapped in the banner of Jihad and Allah. And on December 18 Turkey revealed it is building a military base in Qatar, a key financier of DAESH as well as Al Qaeda’s Al Nusra in Syria. Turkey’s Ambassador stated the Turkish base, which will station some 3,000 Turkish troops on the Persian Gulf base, which will include ground troops, air force and naval personnel, as well as instructors and special forces, will be for the purpose of confronting ‘common enemies’ in the region. ‘Turkey and Qatar face common problems about developments in the region and uncertain policies of other countries…We confront common enemies’, Turkey’s Doha Ambassador stated. Now could those ‘common enemies’ just possibly be Syria’s Assad who in 2009 refused a Qatar gas pipeline proposal in favor of remaining Russia’s ally in gas? Could they be Iran, whose own giant North Pars gas field is a geophysical extension in Iranian waters of Qatar’s gas in the Persian Gulf?”.[3]


[1] C. Erimtan, “Turkey at War: Flexing its Military Muscle, Imposing Curfews and Destroying Campsites” NEO (20 Dec 2015). http://journal-neo.org/2015/12/20/turkey-at-war-flexing-its-military-muscle-imposing-curfews-and-destroying-campsites/.

[2] “Genelkurmay başkanından dikkat çeken ziyaret” ODA TV (30 Ocak 2016). http://odatv.com/genelkurmay-baskanindan-dikkat-ceken-ziyaret-3001161200.html.

[3] F. William Engdahl, “Erdoğan, Salman and the Coming ‘Sunni’ War for Oil” NEO (22 Dec 2015). http://journal-neo.org/2015/12/22/erdogan-salman-and-the-coming-sunni-war-for-oil/.


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