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Royal Wedding Woes

Up to two billion people around the world tuned in to watch the British royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, a story which has dominated TV news for weeks. The wedding buzz, however, provides an interesting time to look at the monarchy, Britain’s domestic policy, and how its colonial legacy around the word affects foreign affairs today. While all eyes were on the wedding procession and the first kiss, Democracy Now! talked instead with Johann Hari, a columnist at The Independent ofLondon, who says that royal wedding frenzy should be an embarrassment to us all (29 April 2011).


In spite of Hari’s arguments concerning hereditary monarchy, there are still quite a few people who look favourably upon living under a king or queen. And not just in the UK: a ‘branch of the International Monarchist League has existed in Los Angelessince 1993 when it was led by then-chairman Roy Green. Following Mr. Green’s death in 2005 the branch experienced a period of relative inactivity until a successful attempt at reorganisation was made in December 2010. Today, the Los Angeles Chapter of the Monarchist League is an officially registered Unincorporated Non-profit Association of the State of California. Both the names “International Monarchist League, Los Angeles Chapter” and “L.A. Monarchist League” are registered with the Countyof Los Angeles. Donations to the Chapter are not tax-deductible at this time’.[1] 


And these American Royalists see their ‘chief mission and purpose . . . [as] three-fold: To defend, educate, and advocate on behalf of Monarchy everywhere. Particularly important is our goal of educating the American public both as to the benefit of Monarchy overseas and the debt we ourselves owe the institution here at home. Certainly the anti-monarchical prejudice which has dominated our foreign policy since we have become an international “superpower” has led to untold losses of blood and treasure for ourselves and many others throughout the world. In the United Statesthere is little we value in terms of political, cultural, and religious institutions that do not owe their origins to the care and patronage of various foreign monarchs for their subjects in this country. This great patrimony, which is all but ignored today, is nevertheless as much a part of our everyday lives than the bloody inheritance of 1776. The Founding Fathers themselves could not have accomplished their work without the experience and education they initially acquired in the service of their rightful King’.[2] 

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