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A Pseudo-Ottoman Blog now known as The Erimtan Angle is maintained by Dr. Can Erimtan, an independent scholar residing in İstanbul, with a wide interest in the politics, history and culture of the Balkans and the Greater Middle East.

      “Ne harabi, ne harabatiyim, kökü mazide olan atiyim”.

                                                                              Yahya Kemal (1884-1958)

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  1. agata said:

    Dear Sitanbul
    I hope you are doing fine! I am writing you as an editor of the webportal
    http://www.agienergia.it, an Italian website devoted to energy & environmental
    issues, and which is weekly updated. I am bothering you to ask whether you
    could be available to authorize us to publish, translated in Italian an your article Nabucco’s New Rival: Iran-Iraq-Syria Pipeline

    In fact, we plan to cover the pipeline issue in the week of 12 September.
    We would be honored to publish a translation of your article. Clearly, we mentioned your website on the article is published and the name of author that has written it.

    Do you think you could do that? It would be simply great!!

    Thank you very much in advance,

    • sitanbul said:

      I am sending you an e-mail in response, but be assured that I would be delighted to have my piece translated into Italian. Thank you very much indeed.

  2. Thanks for visiting my humble blog.
    I’m short on time now, but I will be back to comment!

  3. Chase Madar said:

    Dear Sitting Bull of Istanbul,
    Çok sagol for featuring my work on our well-designed site! (It’s Iznik on the eyes.) Say, any questions you might have about my book or my Manning journalism–just published another essay on what the WikiLeaks disclosures logs teach us about the laws of war–tomdispatch.com/post/175529/tomgram%3A_chase_madar%2C_legal_atrocities/#more– I’m happy to answer ’em.
    Many thanks & all best, Chase

  4. This is a wonderful website, could you be interested in making time for an interview regarding just how you developed it? If so e-mail myself!

  5. The breadth of your topics, and the degree to which they overlap mine, at first glance, is amazing. From asteroids to BBWs, your politics coincide with mine in many places not all too often seen as political. It seems that you have contemplated how this all fits together, and that is the most fruitful labor.

    Respect for Allness as it wills to be without the bootheel of man, and with, is what matters.
    Love for beingness is wisdom.

    Expect to hear more from me.


    I have been contemplating a long term complete reworking of my information architecture, aiming to have it all in one place somewhere.

    Categorizing it is the critical issue, and I was just considering scrapping the detailed categories in favor of a handful of broad categories like humor, science, politics.

    The way I get to see all your topics at once makes me want to share the same way.
    So, I will find a better way to use hierarchy to cram all my subtopics into a five or so main categories, and display them with an expanding menu (if you ever want to have the liberties of having your own wordpress.org site, I’ll point out all the pitfalls for ya).

    Anyway, thanks for inspiring me not to scrap either of my plans for simplification or expansion, and pointing out there are others who would appreciate it as much as I appreciate this.

    I’ll just have to find a way to make it easier to navigate a lot of categories, there are plugins and style tweaks for that.

    Hope we find ways to see some of these things from different perpectives, it’s probably inevitable.

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