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Acronym TV: Bill Maher and Islamophobia

‘Bill Maher told his Real Time with Bill Maher audience recently that the homemade clock that got 14- year old Ahmed Mohamed handcuffed and arrested from his school actually “looked like a bomb” and because called for us to “have some perspective,” asserting that “for the last 30 years it has been one culture that has been blowing shit up” so Muslims should just get used to the rest of us “taking extra precautions.” Maher is turning into a version everyone’s least favorite Uncle. You know the one: The aging baby boomer ‘bro’ who begins every conversation with “not that I’m racist but …. Can’t we just round up all the Muslims and put them in a camp somewhere?” Truly: Bill Maher’s America is scary place; one that has zero capacity to take responsibility for its own actions let alone for self reflection, or humility, no: Bill Maher is transforming before our eyes into a nationalistic wing nut occupying the faux left wing of our myopic national discourse, waving the flag of American Exceptionalism while upping the ante on his already established Islamophobia. Published on Sep 24, 2015′.

Politicking: Bill Maher Sounds Off

‘The host of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher joins Larry to sound off on today’s hottest issues, including his call to Republicans to impeach Obama. And, why he’s not wild about Hillary. Plus, his reasons for rethinking Monica Lewinsky’s intelligence. Published on May 15, 2014’.